SANTA CRUZ Snowboards

Santa Cruz, The only true brand with real roots in the Skateboard, Surfboard and snowboard come up again with a rad new snow range with sick graphic!

Ride more. Complain less. Get Stoked!

With all of the bigger picture turmoil in the world, the last thing anyone wants to hear is complaints about how snowboarding has changed and how things were so much better back in the day when...when what? When many resorts didn’t even allow snowboarding on their slopes? When snow parks with rad features, perfectly groomed jumps and half-pipes didn’t even exist? When chairlifts crawled like sloths up the hill and your leg ached by the time it reached the top?

Stop your whining and get stoked! Snowboarding has never been easier, equipment has never been better or more user friendly than it is now. If you’re not having fun – that’s a “you” problem that needs fixing. If you can’t find happiness when you’re snowboarding, chances are, you can’t find happiness period.

There‘s no better feeling than shredding with friends or family. The shared joy of being in the
mountains, reconnecting with nature, enjoying the freshest of air, amazing views and the stoke of making your first turns of the day should cure anyone suffering from the woes of the daily grind – live to work, work to live.

The best trips are often the last minute calls from a friend inviting you to take a day off to go shred because it’s going to be epic! The break in your routine will do you good – life is too short – go! You will only regret not going. You will only regret hearing how epic it was when you still have plenty of “sick days” left at the end of the season.