Santa Cruz surfboards - Archy 5'11 - Bullet
Santa Cruz surfboards - Archy 5'11 - Bullet - New Construction
Santa Cruz surfboards - Archy 5'11 - Bullet - Top
Santa Cruz surfboards - Archy 5'11 - Bullet - Bottom
Santa Cruz surfboards - Archy 5'11 - Bullet - Carbon stringer
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Santa Cruz surfboards

Santa Cruz - 2017 - Archy - 5'11" - Surfboard - Bullet

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The biggest revolution in the 2017 Santa Cruz Surfboard line-up is the introduction of "CDC - Custom Design Carbon". We design and weave carbon strips into the fiberglass fabric which helps to control how the boards "FLEX". CDC provides added rigidity at the center where the riders bulk weight is carried, but allows flex in the nose and tail for more snap and control. The CDC glass is therefore designed with more concentration of carbon fibers at the center tapering off at the nose and tail which produces "MORE SPEED" and "EASY CONTROL".. CDC is an exclusive design feature being introduced by Santa Cruz - no one else in the market currently uses custom designed fabric like ours. CDC provides a solid clean look with barely visible carbon strips.

Gore-Tex breather plugs are a standard feature on all Action Series board models. Not only does this feature prevent delamination, it also helps regulate buoyancy. When it's hot, the breather plugs allow the air to expand, without causing delamination, and provides more buoyancy. When it's cold, they allow the air to contract and reduces buoyancy. Breather plugs help maintain consistent buoyancy in all seasons & conditions to provide the very best performance at all times. All 2017 production models featuring the breather plugs are submarine QC tested - we submerge every single board in a water tank to make sure there are no air leaks prior to delivery.

Surfboards endure more pressure on the center where the bulk of the riders weight is positioned which can slow down a boards acceleration. To address this, we’ve added a very rigid but snappy carbon spine on all Action Series models which disperses the riders weight along the entire board length to provide faster acceleration and speed. The carbon spine also makes the board more snappy for radical, quick maneuvers.

All models feature our matte finish. A polished surface creates more surface friction on water. Water runs much smoother and faster across our matte finish like a Teflon-coated pan for quicker acceleration and steady speed to carry you through flat sections easily. 

The Archy- Bullet is a versatile high performance short board. The slightly shorter, wider outline, with a lower entry rocker makes this board extremely fast and an excellent wave catcher. The fine-tune bottom contours along with shorter, curvier rail line make the bullet extremely loose and allow tighter radius turns in the pocket. "I ride my 5'8 Bullet model. It's a good all- around board. I've ridden it at solid Off The Wall and Rock-pile and it works good in one foot surf as well. It's fast and i love throwing it on rail" -Archy

Santa Cruz 'Action' boards:- Super High performance series for our pro riders- go faster, snap harder, fly higher. 

  • length : 5'11"
  • width : 20.19"
  • thickness : 2.5"
  • Volume : 32.1L


No fins or board bag included



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