Modern Love Child 7'6" Surfboard
Modern Love Child 7'6" Surfboard
Modern Love Child 7'6" Surfboard

Modern - Love Child - 7'6" - Surfboard - Grey/Lime

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A perfect cruiser for the smaller days when you just want to have FUN, no matter the size or quality of the conditions, the Love Child has been designed with versatility and wave count in mind. With the extra foam in the nose, paddling will be an absolute breeze and you?ll be catching more waves than imaginable. The additional bonus of having more volume in the nose and in the case of the Love Child is the crazy amounts of down the line speed that it can produce. Once it gets going it?ll get you through even the weakest of sections. 

Whilst the majority of the board does hold a lot of volume the tail has been dramatically reduced with the use of a tapered pin tail. The pin tail provides the board with bags of manoeuvrability, responsiveness and the ability for it to be surfed in the pocket. A pin is also a benefit for when the waves get bigger with additional power as pin tails offer great control in steeper sections. 

A perfect summer toy that will maximise stoke in the mushiest of sections for experienced surfers, the Love Child can just as easily cater for a more novice surfer thanks to the large amount of volume and stability that the Love Child holds.


  • Rider Ability: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Suitable Conditions: 1-6ft
  • Construction: PU
  • Template: A wide and thick template that holds a lot of the majority of the volume towards the front of the board which helps to create a super fast and stable ride
  • Nose: A full nose that holds plenty of volume and surface area that is perfect for paddle power and down the line speed
  • Tail: The rounded pin tail increases maneuverability and adds control for when the conditions get bigger
  • Concave: A vee-double starts around the front foot area that runs all the way through to the tail producing more responsiveness and maneuverability than thought for a board of this shape
  • Rocker: A fairly flat rocker that provides the Love Child with huge amounts of speed as well as paddle ability
  • Fins: The love child holds 3 different fin setups each bringing different characteristics to the board - 2 + 1, Quad and single fin

Length : 7'6"

Width: 22 1/4"

Thickness: 3 1/4"

Volume (L): 58.6

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