Rusty Bali Single Fin 6'6"
Rusty Bali Single Fin 6'6"
Rusty Bali Single Fin 6'6"
Rusty Bali Single Fin 6'6"

Rusty - Bali Single Fin - 6'6" - Surfboard

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The new Bali Single Fin from Rusty takes its inspiration from the past, but combines this with modern surfboard design. This board takes its roots from the ’84 Occy style of board, but tweaked to create a livelier and performance based board, compared to how these boards would have ridden back in the 80’s. This design has evolved to mean that the Single Fin is no longer just a mellow cruiser; the Bali Single is capable of busting hard turns in critical sections, aerials and all sorts of tricks. The Bali Single Fin takes its name from its testing ground of Bali, where the likes of Josh Kerr have put this board through its paces, and refined the shape to produce this unique design. On a first look the Bali Single looks like many other modern hybrids, except without the multiple fins, replaced instead by an old school single fin.

However, the design has received subtle modifications to benefit the single fin and depart from the original design of these boards; this includes loosing any excess swing weight in the nose, with full angular rails to ensure bite and response. The bottom features a single in the mid section, out to a vee through the fin and off the tail. For extra response the spine of the vee is above the rail line but with a slight concave out towards the rail creating a hook in the wings. This helps when surfing the board, where it features just the single fin it requires being surfed off the rail rather than relying on mulitple fins for bite, also helping to provide smoother tranisitions from rail to rail.

The Bali Single offers the best of both, with old school retro looks, but adapted for progressive new school maneuvers. Just take a look at the Bali Single Life video to see what this board is capable of!

Length: 6'6"

Width: 20.25"

Thickness: 2.7"

Volume (L): 39

Please note, the board has small pressure ding by logo on the back of the nose.


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