SmoothStar Surf skate 32″ Flying Fish Blue
SmoothStar Surf skate 32″ Flying Fish Blue
SmoothStar Surf skate 32″ Flying Fish Blue

SmoothStar Surf skate 32″ Flying Fish Blue

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The 32” Flying Fish is the most popular model for surf groms aged 9 – 13 years. It is perfect for young surf groms who want to progress their surfing. Surfers of this age typically start to gain more confidence and gain strength in their body, so the Flying Fish is the perfect fit. It responds perfectly to body movement and mimics surf turns.

Weight  9lb

Deck  32.5” Blue and natural Timber finish deck

Deck Tail Width  10"

Bearings  ABEC 7

Trucks  Polished Aluminium

Thruster Type  SmoothStar Thruster


Why SmoothStar?

SmoothStar is the world's No.1 best surf trainer, voted by the world's leading surf coaches. Described as the closest feel to surfing out of the water, it is a game-changer for surfers of all ages and abilities.

Patented Thruster technology:

SmoothStar's world-famous patented Thruster is located on the front of the board. The unique turning mechanism helps the rider perform critical but smooth manoeuvres, just like turning a surfboard on land.

Choose your Smoothstar:

 Height is the most important element when selecting a SmoothStar as it reflects the rider's natural surf stance. At all times, your SmoothStar should mirror your exact surf stance. This ensures a seamless transition from training on land with your SmoothStar to surfing in the water. A narrower surf stance causes the rider to fall off, "bog rail", or accidentally slide out on their SmoothStar / Surfboard/ A stance that is too wide result in the rider being less manoeuvrable on their surfboard or SmoothStar.


 Weight is the secondary element which is factored into the SmoothStar recommendation guide. It is the wheels of the SmoothStar that accommodate a rider's weight. For example, the taller you are, typically the heavier you will be. SmoothStar recommends that riders purchase a second set of wheels in a different size for different conditions. 

 Wheel Base & Deck Length - Typically, the shorter the wheelbase, the tighter the turning and more critical the manoeuvres. However, you don't want it so short that the width of your legs (stance) becomes too narrow. We recommend thinking about your surfing stance. Your optimum surf stance should be slightly wider than your shoulder width. Measure the width of your stance against the wheelbase of your chosen SmoothStar model. 

 Deck Shape & Concave is a crucial element in emulating the surf feel by connecting your feet to the board. All SmoothStar deck designs have undergone rigorous testing for the appropriate rider height and weight. The 26", 30", 32", 33" and 39" models have a flatter deck concave, making them better for down the line speed whereas the 32.5", 34" and the 35.5" models have deeper concave which helps the rider perform more dynamic rail-to rail turns. The shape of the concave helps the board stick better to the rider's feet - giving it more of a responsive feel. SmoothStar boards have an extremely low tail kicker which is designed to emulate the tail pad on your surfboard.






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