Girl Skateboard

Introducing Girl Skateboards - A Legacy of Passion and Progression

Founded in 1993 by a group of visionary skaters led by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, Girl Skateboards emerged as a beacon of creativity and camaraderie in the skateboarding world. Motivated by a desire to secure a future for pro skateboarders, the brand quickly became a haven for artistic expression and innovation.

From its inception, Girl Skateboards faced skepticism from the industry, but with unwavering determination and the support of influential figures like Fausto Vitello, they defied all odds. Their iconic logo, resembling the symbol on women's bathrooms, was designed by the talented artist Andy Jenkins, who left an indelible mark on the brand's aesthetic.

The Girl team boasted an extraordinary lineup of skaters, including legends like Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, and Rudy Johnson. Over the years, the team grew, and young talents like Brandon Biebel, Sean Malto, and Cory Kennedy joined the ranks, bringing fresh energy and excitement.

Girl Skateboards remained true to its values, fostering an environment where creativity thrived, and individuality was celebrated. The "Art Dump," their innovative design department led by Andy Jenkins, produced captivating skateboard graphics, collaborating with renowned artists like Geoff McFetridge and Kevin Lyons.

As the years passed, Girl Skateboards continued to push the boundaries of skateboarding and open new doors for its team members. The departure of some riders allowed them to pursue personal ventures, emphasizing the brand's support for individual growth and fulfillment.

Today, as Girl celebrates its 30th anniversary, its legacy of passion and progression remains stronger than ever. With a diverse team that includes both male and female skaters, they proudly welcomed Breana Geering, the first-ever female rider to join their ranks, proving their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in skateboarding.

Girl Skateboards' dedication to fostering a family-like atmosphere, where friendships and shared passions unite, is what sets them apart. They continue to release groundbreaking videos, like "Doll" and "Nervous Circus," showcasing their team's incredible skills and capturing the essence of skateboarding.

Join us as we embark on an incredible journey with Girl Skateboards, where fun, friendship, and the love of skateboarding come together to create an everlasting impact on the sport and the lives of its athletes. Discover the magic of Girl Skateboards and be part of a community that celebrates creativity and empowers the future of skateboarding.