Zero Skateboard

Based in Carlsbad, California, Zero Skateboards is a brand that represents the relentless pursuit of progression. Founded by skateboarding legend Jamie Thomas, Zero started as a clothing company in 1996 but quickly transformed into a powerful force in the skateboarding world.

Over the years, Zero has built a strong legacy with its team of talented riders, and Jamie Thomas himself led the way as the brand's first professional team rider. In 2003, Thomas opened a manufacturing plant in Tijuana, Mexico, to produce the skateboard decks for his Black Box brands, including Zero.

Throughout its history, Zero has released seven influential videos, showcasing the skills and creativity of its team riders. The premiere of their latest release, Cold War, was a momentous event, bringing together past and present Zero riders to celebrate the brand's 20-year journey.

In 2014, Zero transitioned to be distributed by Dwindle Distribution, allowing the brand to focus on its core strengths: the team, marketing, and creative aspects. However, in 2016, Zero proudly announced its return to independent operation under the leadership of Jamie Thomas, reinforcing their commitment to their unique identity and vision.

Zero has achieved numerous accolades over the years, winning three consecutive Thrasher Magazine King of the Road competitions from 2004 to 2006. The team's impressive achievements have earned individual recognition too, with Zero team rider Chris Cole winning the Thrasher S.O.T.Y. (Skateboarder of the Year) award twice.

Beyond their contributions to skateboarding, Zero has also made an impact on popular culture. The iconic graphic of their "Small Skull" board bears a striking resemblance to the skull worn by Sid in the animated film Toy Story, adding a touch of nostalgia to their brand identity.

At Zero Skateboards, our passion for skateboarding and dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and performance have fueled our journey for over three decades. Join us in celebrating skateboarding's unique culture, and experience the true essence of Zero - a brand built on passion, commitment, and the pursuit of endless possibilities. Explore our world and witness the artistry and innovation that define Zero Skateboards.