Skateboard Trucks

Tucks will be an essential part of your new skateboard. It would determine how your board will be performing, the stability and some of the tricks you will be able to do. 

There is few components making a truck. (Baseplate, bushings, kingpin, hanger width and Axle width). You can also add some risers between your trucks and your new board to decrease the vibration or raise your skate of the ground to avoid some wheels bite for example. 

The profile and the shape of the trucks (Distance between its hanger and bottom of the deck) can be split in 3 categories: 

- Low: 48mm to 51mm 

- Mid: 52mm to 56mm

- High: 57mm to 60mm

The lower profile would be more adapted to small wheels = Better stability for demanding tricks 

The Mid would be for cruising, and the park.

The high profile would be for the street with bigger wheels to be forgiving with the imperfection of the surface or longboard.

How to choose the width of your trucks?

To make simple, the width of your new trucks should match the width of your new deck.

 - 7.75" or below : 5.0" / 129mm

- Between 7.75" and 8.125" : 5.25" / 139mm

- Between 8.125" and 8.75" : 5.5" / 149 mm

- Between 8.75" and 9" : 5.75" / 159 mm

- Over >9" : 6.0" / 169 mm