Majestie - Starter Black Label - is a local streetwear headwear brand from the South Wales in the UK. Born from a young creative designer Matt Bryer who has been involved in the street wear industries all his working life. Respected among his peers in the local skateboard and snowboard scene, Matt used his talent to create this new and exciting headwear brand made with the best of the best from Starter Black Label.

If you aren’t a follower and you are looking for something unique don’t look any further and treat you for one of those rad snap back from Majestie – Starter Black Label

Starter Black label is a premium line of the world famous sports heritage brand Starter. Since 1971 the Starter brand has been worn by the most influential athletes, coaches and stars of music and film and has become known as ‘THE’ authentic sportswear brand. The Starter logo carefully embroidered onto every garment and accessory has become a stamp of authenticity for the product and its wearer. Reinstating this unrivalled heritage Starter Black Label continues to pioneer the fusion of sports apparel and accessories with fashion, street wear and popular culture.