Element skateboard Deck Moondust Jaakko 8.25" C4DCC5ELP2

Element skateboard Deck Moondust Jaakko 8.25" C4DCC5ELP2

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Element  - skateboard Deck Moondust 8.25" 

Pro model: Jaakko Ojanen - Hailing from the chilly landscapes of Finland, Jaakko is a skateboarding force akin to the Busenitz legacy: full throttle, immense power, nimble footwork, and an innate spontaneity. Observing him on a skateboard is akin to witnessing unbridled and audacious shredding in its purest form. He fearlessly charges ahead, following his board wherever it takes him, launching into action without hesitation. With a seemingly boundless repertoire of tricks, there's no doubt that Jaakko's mind-blowing skateboarding will continue to captivate us in the near future.

The underside graphic of the Moondust Jaakko Skateboard Deck is a fusion of physics and sacred geometry, meticulously crafted by ELEMENT's art director, Bryan Arii. This deck is engineered to provide a reliable, performance-oriented ride tailored for seasoned skaters, embodying the culmination of our extensive industry knowledge and technical proficiency spanning decades. Crafted from top-tier materials and adhering to our trusted seven-ply formula, it's a testament to our commitment to quality.

Style C4DCC5ELP2 Color Code 0001

Artist: Custom art by Bryan Arii


  • Width: 8.25"

  • Length: 31.75"

  • Nose: 7"
  • Tail: 6.5"
  • Wheelbase: 14.25"

  • 100% Maple  

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